Why People Choose Divorce After the Holidays

Those in family law know January as “divorce season.” The start of the new year brings in a flood of divorcing couples motivated to get the process started. But why? The holidays are a time of togetherness, family, and joy. Why do they also trigger divorces? There are numerous different reasons people choose to begin the divorce process at the start of the year. Here are just a few.

Holiday Stress Magnifies Existing Problems

The holidays can be a time of a lot of fun with family, but it is also stressful. Traveling during the busiest time of the year, financial stress, and complicated family dynamics can break an already fragile marriage. Time off of work also forces people to spend time together, which can be a negative thing for couples who aren’t getting along. By the end of the holiday season, many people are ready to call it quits.

New Year Means a Fresh Start

Every year people make resolutions, promises to themselves to do better in the coming year. It is a time of transformation, change, and improvement. For some, that means moving forward with divorce to begin a new chapter of their lives. Divorce can weigh heavy on a person’s mind, especially when it is stagnant and not progressing. Many people choose the new year as an excellent time to take the next step.

Taxes & Financial Considerations

Divorce can have a significant impact on your financial health, so it isn’t surprising that people take taxes into account. Couples may choose a date of separation that begins with the new year, creating an easy tax divide between the two. It may be financially advantageous to decide to file separately or split dependents in the new year. Speaking to a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can help you decide the best course of action. Pro tip: all mediators at West Coast Family Mediation Center are licensed CDFAs.

Children & School Schedules

Many couples, particularly those with children, don’t want to start a divorce right before the holidays. They would prefer that their children not have the association between the holiday season and finding out that their parents are getting a divorce. Further, it is helpful for parents to have their children back in school during the divorce process. It allows them time to come in for mediation sessions and work on necessary paperwork without the kids being present.

If you have decided to move forward in the divorce process in 2020, contact West Coast Family Mediation. You and your spouse can come in for a FREE consultation to discuss the divorce mediation process.

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