Back to School Tips for Divorcing Families

Going through a divorce can mean a lot of disruptions to your schedule, particularly during the summer when the children are out of school. Getting back into the swing of the school year on top of managing your divorce can be a bit overwhelming. The mediators at San Diego Family Mediation understand that you have to juggle a lot during your day-to-day. We assist families with guidance, information, and resources on how to get through a divorce with your sanity intact. Here are our best back to school tips for divorcing families.

Pack an Overnight Bag for the Car

While it seems a bit cumbersome to keep an overnight bag in the car, it will no doubt come in handy for those days when you forget that it is the other parent’s night with the kids. Make sure you have a few changes of clothes, pajamas, an extra toothbrush, and it can be fun to hide a treat or toy in there too. The other parent will appreciate the thought that you have sent them over with some extras until you get the whole custody exchange routine down to a science.

Talk to the School

During a divorce, it isn’t uncommon for some kids to struggle in school. They may be stressed about the changes happening in your home and act out or have trouble focusing. Make sure before the school year begins that you talk with your child’s teacher and let them know that you are currently going through a divorce. They may be able to make a special effort to help your child adapt to this stressful change and be more understanding of their struggles.

Create a Fun Schedule

Kids, particularly younger children may forget who is picking them up at school. Create a fun schedule letting them know who is picking them up each day. Ask them for help decorating the schedule and then laminate a few copies. Stick one copy in their backpack, one in the car, and put one on the wall at home. Understanding what will occur each day can be a source of comfort to your child.

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